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We’re humans who’ll sit with you, get to understand your issues and then guide you in the best directionBecoming a more creative or innovative company isn’t something you can achieve with a single workshop or training session. It’s a journey. And we can guide you on the path.

I guess the common business term for it would be ‘consultancy’. But we prefer not to use that word because of the connotations that come with it - we’re not a bunch of dispassionate, formulaic and over-priced business school graduates who fill PowerPoint decks with jargon and charts. We’re humans who’ll sit with you, get to understand your issues and then guide you in the best direction.

We’ll look at your organisation’s culture, processes, resources and environment. Because all of these factors effect the output of your employees. We’ll then look at the knowledge, skills and passion of your staff to make sure they’re fully equipped to come up with the kinds of ideas you need.

We’ll help you make the changes, bringing in trusted experts where needed. We’ll help you put on events, create more fruitful processes, build a bank of resources, train staff and create an internal communication programme.

We can do this on a project basis or as ongoing advisors. Just try not to call us consultants.

One sentence summary

We'll look at every factor that can lead to more effective creativity in your organisation.

Who it's for

Managers and Directors who want to build a more fertile creative environment.

What we'll look at

  • Defining what you're wanting to achieve and why
  • Creating processes that liberate rather than stifle
  • Building a culture where creativity thrives
  • Creating an environment that inspires employees
  • Providing the right resources
  • Equipping your staff with the right skills and knowledge
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Everything was awesome and easy to follow. Dave is great!
The quality of his work was extraordinary, which is why I highly recommend working with him. We hope to have a new opportunity to work with him in the future.
I love his ability to open my mind to new concepts and ways of thinking.