Beyond the Brainstorm

A one-day session on more effective group creativity

When businesses think about generating ideas, they tend to make an immediate leap to the 'brainstorm'. But research proves that brainstorms are ineffective. This session is all about revealing different ways of unlocking group creativity that will lead to more varied ideas and more suitable ideas.

This session is all about revealing different ways of unlocking group creativityThe session draws on studies done in the fields of social psychology, organisational psychology and neuroscience to explain how best to harness the creative abilities of a team. We'll look at all the factors that can affect the quality, quantity and breadth of ideas generated - including environment, culture, internal politics, leadership, recognition and reward. And we'll explore ways of dealing with each of them.

We'll share a number of different techniques that you can use to generate ideas from groups. And we'll explain when the best time is to use each one.

We'll show you how to do effective session-planning and give you guidance on attendee preparation. We'll share techniques on how to select the best ideas at the end. And we'll finish by looking at the best ways to present your ideas to the people who matter.

The day is very hands-on and interactive where everyone gets to try out new idea-generation techniques. At the end of the day, the attendees all get a PDF document that summarises the day's learnings, including instructions on how to run any of the idea-generation sessions we cover in the session.

One sentence summary

This interactive session reveals techniques for group creativity that are more effective than a classic brainstorm.

Who it's for

Anyone who ever has to generate ideas within their organisation.

What you learn

  • More effective techniques for group creativity
  • How to choose the right techniques for the job
  • How to prepare for an idea-generation session
  • The best way to run idea-generation sessions
  • How to select the best ideas
  • How to take your ideas forward
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One of the most interesting and useful courses I have ever been on.
Fantastic presenter for what could have been a really dry subject.
Dave was very patient with all my questions and cries for help.