Endless Inspiration

Keeping your team’s minds filled with the good stuff

Minds are simply processors. And if you aren't putting great stuff into them, you can’t expect great stuff out of them. That’s the value of inspiration. And that’s what we can help you with.

The best way to change your output is to change your inputWhen your team are under pressure to deliver and are being measured on their productivity, they’re unlikely to have the time to seek out the interesting brain-fodder that leads to more diverse ideas and helps them identify new opportunities. So, if they don’t have the time to go out and search for the inspiration, we'll bring it to them instead.

We’ll work with you to create a programme that inspires your team. We can bring in outside experts to share their knowledge and explain new opportunities. We can create an internal inspiration hub where employees can share the great things they see. And we can show your team how to learn from the inspirational input and turn it into principles they can apply later.

The best way to change your output is to change your input. Let us help you with that.

One sentence summary

Inspiring your team to come up with more diverse and effective ideas

Who it's for

Any organisation that wants the most relevant and interesting ideas from its teams.

What we can do

  • Design an inspirational programme
  • Deliver interactive inspirational sessions
  • Bring in inspiring external experts
  • Create a hub for your team to share inspiring stuff
  • Train your team to make the most of the inspiration
  • Run sessions to turn inspiration into ideas
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Dave’s presentation style is engaging, honest and really makes you sit up and listen. We’d love to work with him again.
I love his ability to open my mind to new concepts and ways of thinking.
We were a tough crowd to please and he got standing ovations.