Obsessed with Ideas

Dave Birss, the founder of Additive, has been obsessed with creativity and innovation since he was told that his fellow Scots pretty-much invented the modern world. That led him on a circuitous route through the creative industries of music, theatre, radio, TV and advertising to where he is now - desperately trying to demystify creativity so that everyone can benefit from it.

As an advertising Creative Director, he worked with some of the world's biggest brands, using creativity to solve business problems. In recent years, he's broken out of the world of marketing to work with a wider range of business functions. He's now more likely to be found working with the board of directors, applying creativity much further up the organisation.

He collaborates with an incredible group of thinkers and doers to deliver programmes that help businesses use creativity more effectively. Because - used in the right way - creativity has the power to transform the fortunes of companies in a way that nothing else can.

As part of Dave's obsession with creative thinking, he recently started Open for Ideas - an online magazine dedicated to offering practical creative advice for everyone in business. Contributors include professors, risk analysts, psychologists, lawyers and lots of other people you wouldn't automatically associate with the field. Because we always need fresh perspectives and new knowledge to draw on.

He's also the author of 'A User Guide to the Creative Mind'.

And the writer, director and presenter of the TV documentary series 'The Day Before Tomorrow'.

Dave currently works with all clients directly, bringing in relevant talent where necessary.

He's a nice guy. You'll like him.

His background gives him a hands on depth of understanding of the creative fields which he delivers with wit and energy.
Throwback to 2012 when I sat in on one of the best talks ever - how to kill creativity by the talented Dave Birss.
Really need to pee but totally captivated by Dave Birss