The Great Innovation Retreat

A multi-day session that takes you from problem to prototypes

You may have all the internal signs of being an innovative company - an idea-wiki, a tech lab, an awards programme, a business incubator - but the chances are that you’re among the 94% of companies who are dissatisfied with their innovation performance.

This retreat is focused on helping you achieve a lot in two or three days.There can be a number of reasons for that. Maybe you need a better-defined innovation strategy. Maybe it’s not anyone’s primary focus. Maybe you’ve not got varied enough input. Or maybe you’re suffering from too-many-cooks syndrome. Whatever the reason, you just need to make more things.

This retreat is focused on helping you achieve a lot in two or three days. We’ll find an inspiring location for your team to come together and focus on solving problems and creating prototypes. It’s all flexible and shaped entirely around your needs. Your team can be small or large. You can focus on one problem or bring several. You can do it on product design, digital innovation, customer experience, marketing or anything else.

Whatever your level of innovation knowledge, this session will help. If you're experienced and want to focus on some innovation sprints, this is perfect. If innovation isn't your prime area of expertise, we can work with you beforehand to get you fully prepared and use the retreat as a learning experience with practical outcomes.

We’ll spend time with you in advance to define the problems and the desired outcomes. And we’ll curate a multidisciplinary team of smart people to ignite your thinking and then help you prototype your ideas.

As your prototypes are being built, we’ll work with you to create the materials you need to present them back to your organisation, giving your ideas the very best chance of success.

At the end of the session you’ll have some prototypes ready to prove your concept, be used for research or be developed into finished products. All in two or three days.

One sentence summary

This retreat gets all the right people in one place to create prototypes that answer your problem.

Who it's for

Any organisation that's looking to try out new solutions to a defined problem.

What you get

  • An environment where you're free to focus
  • A process that is guaranteed to get to prototyped solutions
  • An understanding of innovation techniques
  • Access to inspiring people to challenge your thinking
  • A team of makers to help you prototype
  • Materials to help you present the end product
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We had a great innovation session on Friday – thanks to Dave Birss
Fantastic and awesome.
The quality of his work was extraordinary, which is why I highly recommend working with him. We hope to have a new opportunity to work with him in the future.