Your Best Workshop Ever

Sometimes you really need to generate the best ideas you can. Maybe it’s for an important pitch. Or there’s a sudden change of circumstances. Or you need to impress the board. Whatever the reason, we can build a workshop designed to help you harness the creativity of your team to generate the most effective ideas.

We can help you harness the creativity of your employees to generate the most effective ideas.We’ll work with you in advance to help you write a brief that’s got the best chance of generating the right ideas. We’ll work with you to prepare the attendees for the session, so that they turn up in the right state. And we’ll help you run a workshop session that’s designed to generate the ideas you need.

If the session would benefit from cross-disciplinary expertise from outside your organisation, we can bring in the smart minds on your behalf.

At the end of the session, we’ll help you select the very best ideas according to the criteria we agreed on at the start.

And we’ll put these into a document with summaries and visuals you can repurpose.

This is all about creating a bespoke session that’s designed to achieve the results you want with the resources you’ve got.

One sentence summary

A bespoke workshop that's designed to generate the most effective ideas from your team.

Who it's for

Any organisation that really needs the best ideas they can get.

What you get

  • Help writing a well-defined brief
  • Help preparing the attendees for the session
  • Help selecting the best attendees (internally or externally)
  • Help running the workshop - how much involvement is up to you
  • Help selecting the best ideas
  • Help creating the presentation assets afterwards
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Inspiring morning session featuring Dave Birss.
Lots to take away from this one. Excellent.
It was great to give our teams a different outlook.